Orban vows to stop migration, slams EU leaders

“Our Christian civilisation is at stake in the upcoming European parliamentary election,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday, at an event presenting the election programme of his ruling Fidesz party.

The European parliamentary election will decide if the European Union has “pro-migration or anti-migration” leaders in future, whether “Europe continues to belong to the Europeans or to masses from another civilisation; whether we can save our Christian, European culture or give up the ground for multiculturalism,” Orban said in his address.

The prime minister said that “discontent with Europe’s elite is mostly rooted in their treatment of migration”. What Europe is facing is not just a migration crisis but a migration of peoples in the historical sense, he suggested. Europe, he went on to say, could stop massive migration “but it has not even made an attempt; the European Union’s incumbent leaders support and encourage migration.”

Orban heavily criticised the European Union’s and the EPP’s leaders:

1. Brussels bureaucrats should be stripped of their power to manage the migration issue, that competency should be given back to the member states.
2. No country should be forced to take in migrants against its will.
3. No one should be admitted to the EU without valid documents.
4. The EU should stop issuing prepaid debit cards and “migrant visas” to migrants.
5. Instead of giving money to Soros NGOs, the EU should pay for border protection measures.
6. No one should face discrimination in Europe for identifying as a Christian.
7. The EU institutions should have anti-migration leaders.

The prime minister said these measures were crucial for stopping immigration and preserving Christian culture, and asked voters to back his party’s programme.

Source and photo: MTI

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