Murray: Europe shouldn’t be turned into Mogadishu

Because of the war and the communism, people on the east side of Europe are more cautious, than on the West and they have a good reason for that, British conservative authour Douglas Murray told at the MCC Budapest Summit on Migration.

Regarding migration, Murray said that turning Europe into Mogadishu won’t solve any problems. “If you’re satisfied with what you have, protect it,” he said.

Speaking to daily Magyar Hirlap, Murray said that the will of the people should be respected, both regarding migration and Brexit. He noted that the EU elites pretend as if there were bad and good decisions, and they should only respect the people’s will when they like it.

He told daily Magyar Nemzet that the Western consumer society is in crisis, but Christian culture still has moral reserves. Murray stressed that mass immigration to Europe is still uncontrolled, and the supporters of multiculturalism still haven’t admitted their failure. He said that Islam undoubtedly has some elements which can be interpreted as moral bases for violence.

Hungary Journal

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