German minister wants to punish Hungary’s govt, not the people

German Minister of Justice Katarina Barley visited Hungary to speak the situation of the rule of law in the country with Socialist politicians and representatives of NGOs.

Speaking to, Barley said that regarding the administrative courts it is so far unclear where the developments are heading but they are closely watching the process. She said that when it comes to the Article 7 procedures, it is important to distinguish between the government and the country because the majority of the people are pro-European.

According to Barley financial sanctions are an option worth considering, but it is important to ensure that they affect the government, not the people who need the funds. Speaking of German-Hungarian economic and political relations, the Socialist politician said that political and economic interests and priorities are not always the same.

Barley spoke about the idea of a European minimum wage and discussed the migration crisis too, supporting Angela Merkel’s decisions in 2015.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: Facebook/Katarina Barley

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