Zemmour explains the yellow vests

Liberal democracy is not democratic anymore, because the minorities are dominating the majority, French journalist Éric Zemmour told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap at the MCC Budapest Summit on Migration.

According to Zemmour, the reasons behind the rise of the yellow vests are both cultural and economic, because France’s industry has collapsed since the 80’s and the lack of jobs, combined with mass immigration forced them out of the big cities.

In an interview with Mandiner.hu, the journalist said that “what we are witnessing in France is the future of Europe, especially Western Europe”. He explained the future of France is a country of Muslim, Christian and post-Christian enclaves. He said that French people are rioting because they feel sacrificed by the liberal elites.

Speaking to daily Magyar Nemzet, Zemmour said that nations have the right to determine who they want to live together, to resist the invasion of immigration. He stressed that in his homeland, the new rise of anti-Semitism is strongly connected to immigration.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: MCC

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