EPP-conflict: Orban’s waiting for the Bavarian PM’s letter

“I’m supposed to receive a letter from the Bavarian prime minister and I will answer you depending on its content,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban told HVG.hu when he was asked about EPP Spitzenkandidat Manfred Weber’s idea regarding the Central European University (CEU).

Right before his visit to Budapest, Weber told German press that in the future, Bavaria would like to take part in the funding of CEU’s Budapest departments. Ensuring CEU’s operation in Budapest was one of the conditions Weber had set for Fidesz to stay in the European People’s Party.

The EPP’s Political Assembly discusses the initiative to expel Fidesz on Wednesday in Brussels. According to HVG.hu, Orban didn’t seem too worried about the vote, he said “Oh, the 20th is still far away”.

The minister heading the PM’s office, Gergely Gulyas talked to Hungarian news agency MTI about the same topic. “We want to see a strong, united, Christian democratic EPP which opposes illegal immigration, and as long as there is hope and a good chance of this, we want to be a part of the EPP,” he said. Gulyas stressed, at the same time, Fidesz’s position that no compromise was possible when it came to opposing immigration and protecting Christian culture. He noted that Orban will head Fidesz’s delegation to the EPP’s political assembly.

Asked about recent articles in conservative Hungarian media criticising EPP chairman Joseph Daul and group leader and spitzenkandidat Manfred Weber, Gulyas said that although there had been disagreements within the grouping, Fidesz had never gone to the lengths of personally criticising the head and top candidate of the EPP. The party will continue to abide by this principle in the future, too, he added. Hungary observes the principle of press freedom, he said, adding that a significant number of Hungarian conservative journalists were critical of Fidesz’s EPP membership.

Source: MTI, Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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