Vilimsky: Defending society is top priority

The most important task today is to defend our own society and this is also a political task, an MEP of the Austrian Freedom Party told public media in Vienna on Saturday in connection with the challenges posed by migration.

Harald Vilimsky said he agrees with the migration policy of the Hungarian prime minister and is perplexed over the “fierce attacks” Brussels launched against Viktor Orban and his government.

“It was him [Orban], who in 2015 defended the borders and who continues to fight against turning Europe into a multicultural continent,”

the European lawmaker said. Vilimsky said Orban has every reason to say that migration to Europe will not stop. “I would be pleased to work more closely with him to avert this threat,” the Austrian politician said. Vilimsky said he supported the position that Hungary should have the right to decide whom it allows to enter its territory.

Asked about the initiative to expel Fidesz from the European People’s Party (EPP), Vilimsky said Hungary’s ruling party and its leader “did not fit in” a party that has Jean-Claude Juncker and Manfred Weber among its leaders. These are politicians who want to have Europe disappear, they are the ones to be blamed for mass migration, he said. Vilimsky said Fidesz would have a better place in the EP’s Europe of Nations and Freedom Group, a decision about which should however be up to the ruling party, its leader, and the Hungarian people.

Source: MTI
Photo: EP

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