EPP to discuss Fidesz’s exclusion

“Twelve EPP member parties from nine countries have requested the exclusion or suspension of Fidesz,” party leader Joseph Daul told AFP, adding that the question will be discussed at a meeting on March 20.

“The decision rests with all EPP members and I cannot anticipate the outcome of the discussion,” Daul added. The EPP was obliged to launch the process once the threshold of at least seven member parties from five different countries was passed. “We must give Fidesz the opportunity to express itself. Once again, I cannot prejudge the conduct of the debates,” Daul said.

Earlier on Monday, the Hungarian government spokesman branded EPP politicians critical of the Hungarian government’s media campaign on the EU’s plans to promote migration as “hypocritical”, arguing that the campaign was far more low-key that the criticism the government has received over it. Asked at a press conference why the government had decided to put European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the centre of the campaign, Istvan Hollik said Juncker was one of the most prominent “pro-migration” politicians in Brussels.

“The facts show that Juncker is one of the strongest politicians in Brussels who supports migration,” the government spokesman said. Hollik noted Juncker’s past calls for the creation of legal migration routes to the European Union and his comments criticising the concept of national borders.

Hollik said certain EPP politicians were applying double standards by calling Hungary out for “criticising the politician whose name is linked to the five most critical years of the European Commission”. Hungary fulfils its Schengen commitments, protecting not only its own, but also the EU’s external borders, he said. Hungary considers dangerous any measure that gives migrants the idea that they can depend on Europe financially, the spokesman added. The Hungarian government’s position has remained unchanged for three years: help should be provided at the point where it is needed rather than “bringing trouble over to Europe”, Hollik said.

Source: AFP, MTI
Photo: EPP @ Flickr

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