Government: Brussels wants to legalise and boost immigration

According to the Hungarian government’s response to the European Commission, Brussels intends to legalise and boost immigration.

The document released on Sunday is a detailed response to the commission’s Feb. 28 statement criticising the government’s communications regarding European Union policy on migration. The eight-page rebuttal presents the EU plans and decisions that the government says would increase migration into Europe.

In connection with the document, Csaba Domotor, the state secretary of the cabinet office, said in a statement that various public statements and voting records showed the intentions of the EU. “The plans reflect a clear intention: to legalise immigration rather than stop it,” he said. “This intention is well served by the introduction of quotas, migrant bank cards and migrant visas,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Government Information Center said in a statement that the government advocated honest dialogue, even if this involved disputes. The statement published on the government’s website refers to a Brussels resolution stating that “the possibilities for legal migration must be ensured”. This, the statement said, “is extremely telling”.

“This is not a secret plot but an open intensification of cooperation on immigration,”

it added. The statement said that whereas the commission insisted that financier George Soros had nothing to do with the EU’s migration policies, “the billionaire’s published statements coincide with plans being made in Brussels”.

The government said the scheme to relocate migrations based on compulsory quotas had not been withdrawn and the rights of EU member states to protect their borders would be overruled. The commission, it added, supported the introduction of a migrant visa while, “bafflingly”, denying such a plan.

At the same time, no denial was given concerning money given to organisations that aid migration, it said. Already, “tens of thousands of migrants” receive topped-up bank cards, the government maintained. The commission has acknowledged funding the scheme for migrant bank cards, it said, adding that 64,000 people had received money through card.
In its rebuttal, the government also noted that the commission backed pilot projects that would legalise migration. Accordingly, EU member states would propose pilot schemes with African countries to “replace irregular migration flows with secure, orderly and well-managed legal migration opportunities”.

“The European Commission therefore does not seek to stop migration but the legalise it,”

the government document said.

Brussels, it insisted, planned to reduce the EU funds of member states that take an anti-migration stance in a number of ways. The commission’s insistence that “there is no correlation between EU funding and support or rejection of migration” is untrue, the document adds.

“We are committed Europeans and we won’t surrender,” the government said in the rebuttal. “We want a Europe that respects the rights of nation states, builds on its Christian values, protects its communities, and can maintain its long-term security. This is why we speak out whenever we see all this endangered,” it added.

Source: MTI

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