Jobbik: Orban to take Hungary out of EU

Conservative opposition Jobbik said on Thursday that what’s at stake at the European parliamentary elections this May is “whether we allow Prime Minister Viktor Orban to steer Hungary out of the European Union”.


Deputy party leader Tibor Bana told a press conference that recent government measures, such as the approval of the Moscow-based International Investment Bank’s move to Hungary, show that Orban would sacrifice Hungary’s EU membership “in order to serve his own mafia network”.

The move of the “KGB or Comecon bank” headquarters to Budapest will strengthen Hungary’s “colonisation” by Russia, he said. The Hungarian government has become the “Russians’ proconsul”, he added.

The bank’s employees will be eligible to tax exemption, they will be allowed unlimited travel to Hungary and they will be given diplomatic immunity, he said. Also, they will be exempt from control by the Hungarian financial supervisory authority and other authorities, he added. Bana said Orban was following orders by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Source: MTI

Photo: Facebook

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