“Sweden’s EPP MEPs are Soros allies”

Swedish right-wing politicians criticised the Swedish EPP member parties after they called on the party family to expel Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party.

“We don’t want to meddle into internal EPP affairs, if they have a valid reason to criticise Hungary’s governing party, they should do that. But their current criticism is rather a part of the political campaign of the leftist-liberal forces,” Bjorn Soder, MP of the Sweden Democrats told Magyar Hirlap.

According to Gustav Kasselstrand, the chairman of the Alternative For Sweden (AfS), the conservative parties within the EPP have been weakened by the new liberal bourgeoisie. He said it’s respectable, that Fidesz wants to “change the direction” of the party family, but the EPP “has become a weak, liberal group, which took over the left-liberal worldview, it represents the interests of the left side and George Soros”.

Magyar Hirlap’s article recalled the critical remarks of the Swedish EPP politicians and highlighted that all Swedish EPP MEPs are on the leaked list of Soros-allies.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: EP

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