No common ground with Sweden’s govt on migration

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto called it unacceptable to draw parallels between the Nazi dictatorship and Hungary’s family policy. Szijjarto was speaking Echo TV‘s morning programme on Thursday about the MFA’s decision to summon Sweden’s ambassador, after Swedish minister of social security Annika Strandhall made such remarks.

The minister highlighted that Sweden’s government is pro-migration but Hungary doesn’t support migration. He added that Sweden’s government wants to spend the money of Swedish citizens on accepting and supporting migrants, while the Orban government spends money on Hungarian families. Szijjarto stressed that different opinions are not valid reasons to compare Hungary to Nazi Germany.

He said that the MFA told Sweden’s ambassador that Swedish politicians should refrain from making unacceptable Nazi accusations. According to Szijjarto, by summoning Hungary’s ambassador to Stockholm, the Swedish government wanted to take revenge.

The minister stressed that Hungary’s government is not interested in escalating the tension with Stockholm, they just want to protect Hungary. “We have made it clear years ago that Hungary is nobody’s punching bag,” he added.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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