Hungary and the Commission accuse each other of spreading fake news

The European Commission on Tuesday rebuked a media campaign by the Hungarian government aimed at European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and U.S. businessman George Soros, accusing Brussels of pushing migration plans threatening Hungary, Reuters reports.

Orban’s latest campaign, announced in a Facebook post on Monday, depicts smiling images of Soros and Juncker with the text “You also have the right to know what Brussels prepares for!” overlaid in red and white block capitals. A caption says the EU plans to adopt mandatory relocation quotas for immigrants, weaken the border protection rights of member states and make arrivals easier with a “migrant visa”.

The EU Commission, which is locked in a series of running battles with Orban including over reforms criminalizing support for migrants, dismissed the latest Hungarian campaign as “fake news and disinformation”. “The Hungarian government campaign beggars belief,” Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas told a press briefing. “It is shocking that such a ludicrous conspiracy theory has reached the mainstream to the extent it has. It is not true that the EU … undermines national border protection, quite the contrary. And there are zero plans for the so-called humanitarian visas. Member states decide to what level they want to accept legal migration,” Schinas said.

The Hungarian government can prove that the European Commission is compiling a work plan aimed at promoting migration, the state secretary for international communications and relations said on Tuesday, according to MTI. “In recent years, we’ve seen on multiple occasions that the commission considered even the most obvious things to be disinformation and lies” while “being behind the measures which it denies,” Zoltan Kovacs told journalists.

The state secretary cited as an example, that while the EC denies that it is planning to introduce a “migrant visa”, it had already voted to introduce so-called humanitarian migrant visas. Through these visas, Kovacs said, the commission would “institutionalise the process of getting migrants to Europe from any part of the world” through the embassies of EU member states.

Hungary has been the target of a disinformation campaign for eight years now, Kovacs told a different event on Tuesday, adding that international mainstream media had constructed a narrative in connection with Hungary which could create perceptions that are “at odds with reality”.

The existence of links between the “Soros network” and the European Commission has again become obvious by the EC’s immediate attack against an information campaign by Hungary’s government, state secretary at the prime minister’s office Szabolcs Takacs said in Brussels on Tuesday after meeting his European Union counterparts.

The agenda of a meeting of European Union ministers included for the fourth time the procedure against Hungary launched in line with Article 7 of the basic treaty because of deficiencies as regards the rule of law. He said that Frans Timmermans, first vice-president of the European Commission, brought up the issue of the government campaign during another point of the agenda “in a frenzied manner, shouting”, with total disregard to procedural rules.

Source: Reuters, MTI
Photo: MTI


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