New allies would welcome Orban

French MEP Nicolas Bay talked about the status quo changes he expect in the European Parliament after the elections to Hungarian news site Azonnali.

According to Bay, who is secretary general of the French National Rally, and co-chair of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF), their eurosceptic, anti-immigration group is expected to get stronger after May.

Regarding Hungary, Bay stressed that they understand what Prime Minister Viktor Orban is planning, and reminded that the ENF was the only group which unanimously rejected the Sargentini Report, based on which the Article 7 procedure has been started against Hungary.

He stressed that they’d be glad to co-operate with Viktor Orban, bacause they fully agree with his political vision, but they also understand that for strategic and political reasons now it makes more sense for him to stay in the European People’s Party. Bay added that there’s no other party in Hungary they would co-operate with.

Bay also spoke about a possible co-operation with the ECR group, and the democratic deficit of the EU.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: EP

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