Lamberts: No alliance with Jobbik

The European Green Party would expel Hungary’s Politics Can Be Different (LMP) party, if they start cooperating with the right-wing conservative Jobbik party, Philippe Lamberts told Hungarian news site Azonnali.

According to the Belgian politician, who is the co-chair of the Greens’ group (Verts/ALE) in the European Parliament, a possible alliance between LMP and Jobbik would be a “dealbreaker” for the Greens. “We wouldn’t accept an alliance of a green party and the extreme right,” he said.

Regarding Jobbik’s process of consolidation (“becoming a people’s party”), Lamberts spoke of “political opportunism”:

“if someone forms an extreme right party out of political expediency, and then take a more pragmatic approach out of political expediency, it shows one thing: an opportunistic party”.

LMP co-chair Laszlo Lorant Keresztes told Azonnali that he’s in direct contact with the Greens and wouldn’t like to send messages to his parties European partners via the press.

LMP is represented in the European Parliament by one MEP, Tamas Meszerics.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: European Parliament


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