Hungarian govt rejects Soros’s article

Hungarian-born American billionaire George Soros published an article on Monday entitled “Europe, please wake up!”. He urged “pro-European” forces to protect Europe from its external and internal enemies. According to Hungary’s government, Soros is interfering with the European elections in May to help pro-immigration parties.

If the people of Europe don’t wake up until its too late, the EU will go the way of the Soviet Union in 1991, George Soros warns in his article. According to the billionaire, “anti-European forces will enjoy a competitive advantage” in the European elections in May. “There are several reasons for this, including the outdated party system that prevails in most European countries, the practical impossibility of treaty change, and the lack of legal tools for disciplining member states that violate the principles on which the European Union was founded,” he explains.

“The antiquated party system hampers those who want to preserve the values on which the EU was founded, but helps those who want to replace those values with something radically different,” Soros argues, blaming the outdated party system for the Brexit crisis and for the rise of the so-called right-wing populist parties like Alternative for Germany (AfD) or Italy’s League.

Soros slams the European party families too, especially the European People’s Party.

“The EPP is almost entirely devoid of principles, as demonstrated by its willingness to permit the continued membership of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Fidesz in order to preserve its majority and control the allocation of top jobs in the EU,”

he writes. Speaking of the solutions, Soros writes that first, Europe should be defended from its external and internal enemies, and second, it’s time to “awaken the sleeping pro-European majority and mobilize it to defend the values on which the EU was founded”.

George Soros has again “attacked” Hungary in a recent article “because the Hungarian people decided that they would not allow Hungary to be turned into a migrant destination”, the government spokesman told a press conference on Tuesday. Istvan Hollik said that the article is a call for cooperation between “pro-migration forces” and the author “seeks to see a Soros list everywhere in Europe including Hungary”.

Hollik insisted that Soros’s goal has remained unchanged: “he still wants to force his will upon Europe and the Hungarian people and he wants to settle migrants”. For Soros, that will be at stake in the European parliamentary elections, and “for us that we should not give in to that pro-migration pressure”, the government spokesman said.

Source: Hungary Journal, MTI


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