Lauren Southern slams pro-migration NGOs

Canadian right-wing YouTuber, author and filmmaker Lauren Southern spoke to Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap about her upcoming documentary, Borderless.

According to Southern, with her team they initially wanted to show how mass immigration disintegrates Europe’s culture and traditions, but later they discovered the less talked about aspect of the story: the massive crime ring of smugglers and NGOs that boost illegal immigration to Europe. She also blamed the politicians who are showing false compassion in order to serve their own popularity, while ignoring what happens with the migrants in Europe.

Southern said that the European people and the migrants are all victims, because the latter are being invited to countries which won’t and can’t take care of them. “Lives are being ruined by false promises,” she said, adding that the migrants are being “lured into a paradise which doesn’t exist”.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: Agnes Kada / Magyar Hirlap

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