Freedom House deems Hungary “partly free”

According to the latest yearly report of the Freedom House, Hungary’s rank changed from “free” to “partly free”. The government dismissed the report.

“Fidesz regained its two-thirds majority in April’s parliamentary elections. The party’s campaign was characterized by harsh antimigrant rhetoric and characterizations of Orban as a defender of ‘traditional’ Christian values in Europe. The opposition’s ability to challenge Fidesz was significantly hampered by the ruling coalition’s mobilization of state resources, media bias, and restrictions that affected opposition access to the advertising market”, Freedom House writes.

“Constitutional amendments enacted during the year included provisions that make it the obligation of all state organs to defend Christian culture, and established new legal grounds for constraints on freedom of assembly. The government’s continued refusal to sign an international agreement on the status of Central European University (CEU), a postgraduate institution with dual American-Hungarian accreditation, effectively forced the university out of Hungary” they added.

“Freedom House is a member of the Soros empire, it is funded by Soros, and it is now serving Soros’s election campaign. Together with the other Soros organisations, it is attacking Hungary because the Hungarians have decided that we do not want them to also make an immigrant country out of our homeland,” the Government Information Centre reacted in a statement.

Source: Hungary Journal/

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