Jobbik leader vows to ‘fight to the end’ for change

Jobbik leader Tamas Sneider, at the conservative party’s season opening event on Saturday, vowed to “fight to the end” to “eliminate the current regime” and bring about change in Hungary.

In his speech, Sneider stressed opposition Jobbik’s responsibility in unifying Hungary’s “21st-century parties” to succeed in achieving its goals. He said Jobbik would only cooperate with parties that accept the workings of parliamentary democracy and support a law on investigating the last thirty years of Hungarian politics. Comparing the current situation in Hungary to the period of the country’s transition to democracy, Sneider said a new change of regime was needed.

He underscored the importance of a future founded on hard work and knowledge, saying that Hungary had to follow the examples of Scandinavia and the Western world.
As regards Jobbik’s goals, he said the party first had to strengthen itself and recruit more members. Concerning specific political goals, he listed the democratisation of parliament’s house rules and Hungary’s election and media systems, the creation of independent courts, reforming campaign finance rules, joining the European prosecutor’s office and the establishment of an anti-corruption prosecuting authority.

Commenting on the recent attacks against Jobbik and himself, Sneider said the head of the strongest opposition party would be “the most vulnerable to the media cabal”. In a message to Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Sneider said: “You’ve met your match in me. You are not going to intimidate me.”

Jobbik deputy leader Marton Gyongyosi said the past year had been the hardest yet for the party, warning that 2019 would be even tougher. He said Jobbik would face many attacks, smears and fines over the course of this year’s European parliamentary and municipal election campaigns.

Source and photo: MTI

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