“The real fascists are in Brussels”

The European elites are worried that anti-immigration parties will take over, as the polls are predicting, Lega MEP Marco Zanni tells Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap, adding that the EU elites arra attacking politicians because of their stance on migration.

The Italian politician stressed that the migration policy of the Hungarian and the Italian government is supported by the people, even if pro-immigration elitse want to delegitimise these democratically elected governments.

Zanni said that Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini wants to lead those parties who want deep changes in three areas: migration, internal security and economic development. His slogan is “let’s do less together, but better”, because Salvini wants more subsidiarity and nation states to return to the EU’s center. The MEP stressed that there should be effective co-operation in some areas, like the single market.

Regarding Wednesday’s EP debate about Hungary, Zanni said that the European elites don’t respect democracy, they turned rule of law mechanisms into political tools. “The real fascists are here in Brussels, they don’t respect democracy and elected governments,” Zanni said, adding that “the people will vote against them”.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: European Parliament

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