Slovenian MEP slams EU’s double standards

The debate about Hungary in the European Parliament on Wednesday was unnecessary, EU institutions should rather focus on how Slovenia’s left-wing government brings back censorship to silence the opposition, Slovenian MEP Milan Zver told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap.

According to the Slovenian Democratic Party’s (SDS) MEP, who sits in the EPP group, migration is “the reason for the attacks against the Hungarian government,” although Prime Minister Viktor Orban “is the sole winner of the migration debate on the EU level, which has been proven time and time again”.

Zver pointed out that if the EU institutions really cared about the rule of law, Slovenia would be at the top of their agenda. “The Slovenian transitional left unconstitutionally jailed the leader of the opposition just three weeks before elections in 2014,” he reminded. The MEP said that Slovenia’s current prime minister “recently called on companies which are part- or majority-owned by the state to stop advertising in media which spread the so-called hate speech – which is by the government opinion everything not in line with their migration policy,” adding that “this is a dangerous throwback to media censorship from the not-so-distant past”. According to Zver, “the government also wants to enable the secret service control of the so-called ‘internal enemies’, adopt a draconian media regulation, and so on”.

The Slovenian politician said that he has lost all hope in rule of law mechanisms because they are now only political tools of the left.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: EP

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