“EP vote on NGO funding to increase migration”

“The European Parliament’s fresh decision to increase funding for ‘Soros groups’ once again makes it clear that George Soros is practically dictating Brussels’ migration policy,” ruling Fidesz’s communications chief said on Thursday. The EP’s proposal about suspending EU funds was heavily criticised by the Fidesz and hailed by left-liberal opposition MEPs.

Balazs Hidveghi reacted to a resolution passed by the European Parliament on tripling funding in the 2021-2027 financial period for NGOs dedicated to preserving democratic values. Under the resolution, eligible civil groups would get 1.8 billion euros in support instead of the originally planned 642 million euros.

Hidveghi insisted that Brussels wanted to increase funding for “Soros organisations” so that they could “bring even more migrants to Europe”. He said the vote was “yet more evidence that the EP’s pro-migration majority is following the Soros plan step by step”. He added that Brussels was also preparing to reduce funding for “member states that go against Brussels’s migration policy” so that the money they withhold from those countries can be distributed among “the pro-migration Soros groups”.

The leftist-liberal Democratic Coalition (DK) said in response that setting up a mechanism tying EU funding to observance of the rule of law in a member state would “harm criminals aimed at looting EU monies”. Zsolt Greczy, DK’s parliamentary group spokesman, told a press conference that Hungarian families “have not seen a single euro” of EU funds paid out to Hungary because they “ended up in the pockets of [prime minister] Viktor Orban and his criminal organisation”. Greczy also noted that plans to set up such a mechanism had been supported by the vast majority of the European People’s Party, of which Fidesz is a member.

Hungarian MEPs also commented on the EP’s draft law, according to which governments interfering with courts or failing to tackle fraud and corruption will risk suspension of EU funds. According to Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch, the EU can’t make a decision which would fight breaches of the rule of law by breaching the rule of law. He said that the Hungarian government would never support such suspension of funds because it’s aimed at punishing member states who oppose Brussels’ pro-immigration policies and the „Soros plan”. Zoltan Balczo, the MEP of the strongest opposition party Jobbik told Hungarian news site Alfahir.hu that instead of punishing member states one by one, the EU should make it mandatory for them to join the European Prosecutor’s Office. Socialist MEP Istvan Ujhelyi said that by opposing the draft law, Fidesz MEPs admitted that they are against the values of their own party family, the EPP.DK MEP Peter Niedermüller stressed that the proposal is not against Hungary, but against „the shameful policies of Fidesz.”

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: EP

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