“The most important European election is coming”

Never have the stakes of European Parliamentary elections been as high as they will be this May, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Friday.

As the polls show, immigration is clearly the central issue of the elections, and it continues to be the most threatening challenge faced by the European Union, Szijjarto told public news channel M1.

These elections will be the platform Europeans can use to decide whether they entrust pro-migration or anti-migration parties with shaping the future of Europe, the minister said. In Hungary, the people have had multiple opportunities to express their views on this matter, he added.

Szijjarto said there were only two parties in Hungary that oppose immigration: the co-ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrats.

“The rest have basically signed on with George Soros and signed up for the platforms of the parties that support immigration,”

he said.

He said the traditional division of parties was being replaced by a new division based on specific issues — primarily immigration. Both the pro- and anti-immigration parties are looking for ways to cooperate internationally, he added.

Szijjarto said it was no accident that demonstrations against governments that oppose migration were being organised around the same time and in the same manner in central, southern and south-eastern Europe.

Source and photo: MTI

Hungary Journal

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