According to opposition party Jobbik, Orban wants to drive Hungary out of the EU

The outcome of next year’s European Parliamentary elections will determine “whether we can build a free, liveable and predictable Hungary in a safe Europe”, the group leader of conservative Jobbik told a press conference on Saturday.

Marton Gyongyosi said that his party offers predictable policies as against the prime minister’s “policy of isolation” and insisted that “Viktor Orban wants to drive Hungary out of the European Union”.

On behalf of his party, Gyongyosi pledged “protection against illegal migration”, efforts aimed at allowing Hungarians to prosper in their homeland rather than seek jobs abroad, as well as support to ethnic Hungarian communities in their fight for autonomy.

“Jobbik aims for a fair Europe of solidarity and Christianvalues, and a free, social and competitive Hungary,” Gyongyosi writes in the foreword if Jobbik’s programme for the European elections in 2019.

Among other things, the programme states that Jobbik wants “a new compromise between the European Union and its member states as well as between the old and the new, the centre and the periphery, the small and the large nations”.

“Let us clear up our common issues in such global questions as controlling illegal migration, protecting the environment or meeting global economic challenges. For that we need to stand for our common values and act together on a European scale. Our world is clearly on the road toward the formation of large political-economic blocks,”

the programme states.

Jobbik will name its candidates for the EP elections late in January or early February, Gyongyosi said.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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