Orban: Europe successful only if it remains European

Europe will be stable and successful only if it remains European, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview with Austrian news portal oe24.at published on Sunday.

Commenting on next year’s European Parliamentary elections, he said this will be the first time that the nations of Europe vote on a common issue. Migration is an issue that concerns the entire continent and it will be in the focus of the election campaign everywhere, Orban said.

He expressed hope that those people will have the stronger voice who want to preserve and protect their national identity and Christian traditions. It would be good for Europe to have a common voice stating that Europe belongs to Europeans, he said.

“We have a culture and we have our religions and values. Religious freedom is important to us and anyone who wants to live here should accept that, and they must not be anti-Semitic,” Orban said.

“But if we do not clearly state our expectations then they will not respect our culture and our culture will perish. And chaos will arise,”

he added.

According to Viktor Orban, the European Union Hungary joined was “Helmut Kohl’s Europe”. The German chancellor didn’t want to let Brussels to “become an imperium”. But the EU has “taken another way”. He expressed hope that “we will return to Kohl’s Europe”. Then we will be successful, he stated.

The prime minister said that he has already initiated contact with Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. In his letter to the German CDU’s new president he advised their parties to start a dialogue to overcome their past arguments. About Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Orban said the Austrians should be happy to have a “young but experienced” chancellor. He said Austria’s EU presidency is characterised by diplomatic elegance and much bravery.

Viktor Orban also mentioned George Soros, whom he called “a talented Hungarian compatriot”, but noted that they don’t have a good opinion of each other, but Hungarians don’t discriminate anyone for their religion. He reiterated that Soros has a large network, he finances many NGOs, and the EU also finances several of his NGOs – and these NGOs take part in politics.

Regarding the Central European University’s decision to move to Vienna, the PM stressed that the CEU must fulfil all requirements of the law, just like any other university in Hungary. According to Orban, education will continue on Soros’s university in Budapest and they will also issue diplomas. “I know Soros,” he’s not someone who would simply leave Budapest, the PM added.

In the interview, Orban also mentioned that he always spends Christmas with his family. “In Hungary family comes first,” he said.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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