Benoist, Klaus speak about national sovereignty in Budapest

French philosopher Alain de Benoist, who attended the “A new world order was born” international conference in Budapest, talked about European politics, the yellow vests to Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap. Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus, who received the Petofi Prize in the House of Terror Museum on Monday, also stressed the importance of national sovereignty in an interview.

Benoist reminded that the euro and the economic crisis created a North-South division, and the migration crisis created an East-West division. He said that Viktor Orban’s migration policy became a positive example. According to the philosopher, two sides will be fighting in the next European elections: Merkel and Macron vs. Orban and Salvini, and the latter is winning.

He called the riot of the yellow vests an event of historic importance, reminding that its support is very high among French society. According to Benoist, French President Emmanuel Macron responded too little and too late, and stressed that the people have lost their trust in the political class and the media. He said that some of the protesters suffer from cultural insecurity – caused mainly by immigration – while others are protesting because of social insecurity, even if they have a job they can’t make a living. Benoist said that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for nation states to regain their sovereignty, and he stressed that liberalism and democracy are not the same thing.

According to Vaclav Klaus, Central European, post-communist countries can never accept the idea that migration is a human right. He said it’s a tragic mistake that Western European countries don’t recognise the dangers of immigration. The politician stressed the importance of regional identities, calling the so-called European identity artificial. Klaus said that nation states should regain their sovereignty and resist centralisation.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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