Orban: Stormy debate on migration at the EU summit

An attack has been thwarted “amidst stormy conditions” at Friday’s Brussels summit of European Union heads of state and government “convened to give more money and rights to migrants”, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a video uploaded on his Facebook page.

The summit started off peacefully and “seemed to be jovial” but later on it turned rather stormy, Orban said. Several countries “attacked” Hungary over migration and tried to “force the prime ministers’ council to accept measures that would help bring migrants to Europe”, he said. “I am describing it as a last attempt because there will be European elections soon and everything will be over,” he added.

“We have managed to fence off another attack,” Orban said, and insisted that some of the participants sought “to garner more money and rights to migrants and suppress the countries that do not want migration.”

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker “is mixing up genres – that is opinion with fake news”, Hungary’s state secretary of international communications said in a tweet published on Saturday. “It must be because of his sciatica”, Zoltan Kovacs said in response to a statement made by Juncker at a Brussels press conference after a summit of EU heads of state and government on Friday.

Juncker accused Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban of spreading disinformation. “I made it clear to the European Council that some of the prime ministers sitting around there, they are the origin of fake news. When Orban, for example, is saying that I’m responsible, guilty for the Brexit: it is fake news. When he is saying that migrants are responsible for the Brexit: fake news. So let’s not put all the responsibility on others, let’s check in around who is the news faker,” Juncker said.

Source and photo: MTI


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