Gulyas: Migrant visa increases threat of terrorist attacks

The migrant visa increases the threat of terrorist attacks; it increases the risk of acts of terrorism being perpetrated by people coming from migrant backgrounds such as the recent Strasbourg incident, Gergely Gulyas, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office said at his press conference held on Thursday in Budapest.

According to the minister, the decision of the European Parliament on the migrant (humanitarian) visa goes against common sense.

The government received the EP’s decision with disappointment, does not agree with it, and takes the view that it depicts a sad picture of the state of European democracy, given that the same proposal was rejected in the EP once before. A repeated vote involving “sham amendments” decided on it, and the EP’s pro-migration majority eventually adopted the proposal, the minister said.

In his view, the EP is seeking to make it easier for people who submit asylum requests, even if they do so irregularly, without being eligible for asylum, to come to Europe.

“We are opposed to all solutions which allow decision-making related to the refugee status in locations other than outside Europe”, he said in answer to a question.

Photo: MTI

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