Orban: Fresh blood needed in the EP

“I see signs of exhaustion at the end of the parliamentary term”, but after next year’s elections to the European Parliament there will be new MEPs, and “I believe that the quality of democracy will improve,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on the Kossuth Radio programme “Good Morning, Hungary”.

Regarding the issue of the so-called “migrant visa”, Orban said that “it is rather funny” that a vote on an issue must repeated over and over again until the result seen by bureaucrats as the right one is finally achieved. At the same time he asked why this is tolerated by MEPs, who are expected to stand up for the interests of the people who send them to the EP, and added that “If I tried something like this here in the Hungarian parliament, I would face a rebellion not only from the opposition, but also from the members of my own parliamentary group”.

He noted that no democracy – including in Hungary – is perfect, but that the variety in Brussels is even further from such an ideal. He said that the “Sargentini Report” has been used to attack Hungary, and “we’ve hit back just as hard as our attackers – or possibly even harder.” he confirmed that the Government will not tolerate anyone trying to destroy the country’s reputation and integrity, observing that “those who bite us will need strong teeth, because that is something which we shall not tolerate”.

In relation to the national consultation on the protection of families, Orban stressed that young people must be repeatedly offered assistance in making the commitment to have and raise children, so that they appreciate that by raising children the quality of their lives will not deteriorate, but improve.

Speaking about the state of the Hungarian economy, the PM said that – unlike 2010, when the country was weak and anaemic – Hungary’s national economy today is resilient, robust, capable of growth and able to provide jobs.

Source: Kormany.hu
Photo: MTI

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