Jobbik launches EP election manifesto

Finding the right balance between European Union and national competencies will be the number one goal for conservative opposition Jobbik after next May’s European parliamentary elections, according to the party’s election manifesto published on Tuesday.

Jobbik wants its election platform to ensure that both EU and national competencies serve Hungarian interests, Marton Gyongyosi, the party’s deputy and group leader, said presenting the document. The basis of Jobbik’s approach to the EU is that the bloc cannot be organised into a federal entity without the existence of a shared European identity, Gyongyosi said. However, “we can hardly talk about stable nation-statehood in the midst of vulnerability to globalisation,” he added. Therefore the EU and its member states must determine what sort of competencies are best carried out at a national level and what should be regulated at the EU level, he said. Gyongyosi named physical security, security of livelihood and security enabling minorities to make a living in their homeland as the manifesto’s three main topics.

As regards physical security, he reiterated Jobbik’s opposition to illegal and unchecked immigration as well as the introduction of migrant quotas. Jobbik supports the border fence, but also favours conducting responsible debates, he added.

On the topic of security of livelihood, Gyongyosi said his party has still not given up its goal of equalising wages throughout the EU, curbing emigration, improving living standards and creating a knowledge-based society.

Concerning the third topic, he said national minorities should be granted autonomy.

Gyongyosi said Hungary was not a free country and could only be made free by eliminating corruption and restoring the credibility of “the democratic institutions that have been invaded by the government”.

He said Jobbik has started selecting the candidates for its election list and the party hopes to publish it in early February.

Source and photo: MTI

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