The Sargentini report “condemns Hungary for its anti-migration stance”

Hungarians are clearly concerned about national identity and security issues related to migration when it comes to the future of the European Union, an official of the Prime Minister’s Office said on Friday.

At a series of consultations on the future of Europe organised by France, the Hungarian government gave a briefing concerning the views of ordinary Hungarians at forums held in eleven Hungarian cities sent to the European Council, Judit Varga, state secretary for EU relations, told a press conference.

“Many people expressed concern about the EU’s past and future migration strategy,” she said. There was also much criticism of the Sargentini report and the Article 7 proceedings against Hungary, “which condemns Hungary because of its anti-migration stance,” she added.

At the forums, all topics in which Hungary had a dispute with the EU were raised, such as the right to determine energy prices and tax issues, she noted, adding that it was important for such strategic issues to remain within the scope of Hungarian decision-making. Hungarians, said Varga, envisage a Europe where nation states cooperate based on the respect of differing opinions and where no country is condemned for its immigration policy. The state secretary said the Hungarian government had gladly joined the French initiative, since consultation with citizens is a long-standing practice of the Hungarian government.

Source: MTI
Photo: Facebook/VargaJuditMinisterofStateforEUAffairs

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