Government pressed for answers about Gruevski

Speaking at a press conference in Brussels, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto reiterated that former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski entered Hungary fully legally. The asylum request of the politician was discussed in the parliament too.

Gruevski had indicated his wish to apply for asylum “at a foreign representation of Hungary, but the Hungarian government had had no role in his getting there,” Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told a press conference after meeting his EU counterparts in Brussels on Monday. The minister insisted that the Hungarian authorities had “come across with this matter at that office in a country neighbouring Macedonia”, from where the former PM “came to Hungary fully legally, meeting all relevant Hungarian and international regulations; he crossed all borders legally”.

Szijjarto said that the matter had not been discussed in Monday’s meeting of his EU colleagues. He said, however, that he would discuss it with his Macedonian counterpart on the sidelines of a NATO meeting in Brussels in early December. “Supporting Macedonia is not a question of siding with any parties or governments,” he said.

Concerning Brexit, Szijjarto said that the Hungarian government was interested in promoting a “fair” agreement between the UK and the EU, maintaining tight business relations and continuing a security cooperation with the UK, as well as ensuring that the acquired rights of Hungarian nationals living in the UK are maintained.

Pressing questions from the opposition

Green opposition LMP has called for a parliamentary investigating committee to be set up to look into the case of Gruevski.

Jobbik MP Adam Mirkoczki said at the parliament’s session on Monday that Gruevski, who was sentenced in his country, entered Hungary illegally. He said it seems the government has given up his anti-refugee policy and accepts a refugee who is not fleeing a war, or seeks asylum for political or religious regions, but wants to escape justice in his homeland.

Gergely Arato, MP of the left-liberal opposition Democratic Coalition asked how Gruevski could enter the country without a passport, why isn’t he in the transit zone and whether it’s true that he was a guest in Viktor Orban’s house. (The government has denied that several times).

Sandor Buray, lawmaker of the Parbeszed party also asked how the former Macedonian PM could enter Hungary.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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