Fidesz demands UNHCR’s answer about “migrant cards”

Hungary’s Fidesz-led alliance expects the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to respond in connection with the issue of “migrant cards”, the ruling parties’ group spokesman told press conference on Sunday.

Istvan Hollik said Hungary wanted “a straight answer” concerning how many migrants arriving in Europe were “paid” by the United Nations, how many types of cards were in circulation and funded by the UNHCR, how much money the organisation had paid out via the cards as well as how much money each migrant received.

He noted these questions have already been addressed to the European Commission president and the European Parliament’s LIBE committee without any response so far.

“I’d also like to know what the UN High Commissioner for Refugees thinks about the possibility that the money doled out through the cards can be used for people smuggling and financing terrorism,”

he added.

Hollik said the questions were relevant since the UN has a standpoint on migration and various UN leaders openly make pro-migration statements while attacking Hungarian anti-migration policy.

The spokesman said the UN is still working on adopting a migration pact whose aim is to make migration a fundamental human right. “Fidesz, the Christian Democrats and the Hungarian government resolutely reject this,” he said, adding several other countries besides Hungary, including Austria, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and the United States, rejected the UN document.

Source and photo: MTI

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