Gruevski in Budapest: Govt stresses security reasons

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto and Nikola Dimitrov, his Macedonian counterpart, have had telephone talks requested by the latter party, the Hungarian foreign ministry told MTI in a statement on Thursday.

The statement quoted Szijjarto as saying that former Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski’s recent request for asylum in Hungary “is a legal rather than political matter”. Hungary’s authorities will “assess the application fully in line with relevant international regulations,” the statement added. Szijjarto also assured his counterpart of Hungary’s continued support to Macedonia’s endeavours to join the European Union and NATO, the ministry said.

Gergely Gulyas, the minister heading the PM’s Office was also asked about Gruevski’s case yesterday. Gulyas said it was “a legal rather than an inter-governmental matter”. He said that the Hungarian state had not provided Gruevski any help with leaving Macedonia. The former prime minister had filed a declaration of intent to apply for refugee status at a Hungarian diplomatic mission outside Macedonia, Gulyas said. He said that a decision was then made for safety reasons that Gruevski should be interviewed in Budapest rather than in the transit zone, and added that it was “general practice with former political leaders”. “Gruevski has not met Prime Minister Viktor Orban,” Gulyas said. Answering a question, he said Hungarian authorities would follow the relevant “security protocol” and ensure that Gruevski could not leave Hungary.

Hungarian news site asked Orban why Gruevski could reach Budapest, and he told them to “ask the lawyers”.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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