Szijjarto: Hungary in favour of boosting EU defence

Hungary is in favour of boosting the European Union’s defence capabilities and urges the continent to do more in this respect, the foreign minister said on Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference on a different subject, Peter Szijjarto reacted to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s recent call for the creation of a joint EU military. The minister noted that Hungary, too, had put forward a similar proposal in the past. But as a member of NATO, Hungary considers it important to avoid any parallels between a potential EU military and the North Atlantic alliance, he said, arguing that they could lead to operational difficulties or new conflicts. Szijjarto said an EU military was necessary to fend off the external threats facing the bloc, such as illegal immigration.

Szijjarto: Hungary doing everything it can to help persecuted Christians

Hungary is ready to provide all the support it can to persecuted Christian communities around the world, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said at a meeting with Sam Brownback, the US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, in Budapest on Wednesday.

According to the foreign ministry’s statement, Szijjarto told Brownback that the Hungarian government devotes special attention to Middle Eastern Christian communities and does its best to help Christian families that had been forced to flee their homes return to their homeland as quickly as possible.

The US values Hungary’s efforts in this area, the ministry said, adding that the two countries have reached an agreement on tightening their cooperation in helping Middle Eastern persecuted Christians return to their homelands.

Source and photo: MTI

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