70,000 migrants heading for western Europe, Fidesz warns

The government has stepped up the alert along Hungary’s southern border in the wake of a recent incident involving illegal migrants on the Bosnian-Croatian border, Lajos Kosa, head of parliament’s defence and law enforcement committee, said in Mohacs, in southern Hungary, on Saturday.

“What happened on the Bosnian-Croatian border, at Bihac, cannot be allowed to happen here,” Kosa told journalists after visiting the point where the borders of Hungary, Serbia and Croatia meet. Bihac was a repeat of the clash in Roszke, on the Hungarian-Serbian border, in 2015, he said, adding that NGOs organising illegal migration and financed in no small part by US billionaire George Soros paved the way for the illegal entry of migrants into the EU on the Bosnian-Croatian border.

Kosa said that at present about 70,000 migrants heading for western Europe are waiting along the Balkan route. On Friday alone, Hungarian police caught 23 illegal entrants, he added. Police helicopters are patrolling the Serbian border twice a day and electronic devices are monitoring any “organised movement” on the other side of the border, he said.

State secretary of defence Szilard Nemeth said that 1,200 soldiers are standing by, ready to be deployed along the border within 24 hours, and another 1,100 within 72 hours.

Speaking to Kossuth Radio on Sunday, Kosa said the measures supported by the ruling parties and the anti-immigration parties of the opposition are necessary and correct.

Masses on Balkan route “dress rehearsal” for pro-migration forces

The masses of migrants on the Balkan route to Europe as well as the thousands of Central American migrants en route to the United States via the “Soros Express” are a “dress rehearsal” for pro-migration forces, the spokesman for the parliamentary group of the governing Fidesz-KDNP alliance said on Sunday.

The “Soros network” and the political forces allied with it are trying to make migration legal and automatic, while getting nation states to give up the right to protect their own borders, Istvan Hollik told a press conference, referring to organisations affiliated with US billionaire George Soros. Regardless of the powers with which it must struggle, the Hungarian government and the parliament will uphold the will of the Hungarian people as expressed in the April 8 general elections, he added.

The Soros network is working hard to resettle migrants not only in Europe, but in the US, bringing in thousands on the “Soros Express”, he said. By grabbing the attention of the international media, they want to provoke US authorities, creating conflict, just as they did when migrants rioted in Roszke, on Hungary’s border with Serbia, in 2015, then get the US authorities to surrender their right to protect the border, he added.

The Soros network is working to get migration accepted as a fundamental human right at the UN, in Brussels and in the European Parliament, Hollik said. That’s how they want to turn Europe into a continent of migrants, and that’s how they want to destabilise the anti-migration US government, he added.

Source and photo: MTI

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