Balog: Hungarian state’s duty to protect Christianity

Europe is embroiled in intense debates on the reform of Christian democracy as well as the role of Christianity in society, and Germany is counting on Hungary in these debates, prime ministerial commissioner Zoltan Balog said on Friday.

Balog spoke to MTI after giving a lecture on Christian democracy in Leipzig on Thursday.

The Hungarian state has a duty to protect and support Christian culture, he said. The unifying power of culture and the homogeneity of a community makes the nation stronger, he said, adding that this was not solely a matter of faith.

One example of this, he said, was the government’s introduction of mandatory ethics classes in the primary school curriculum. Though only 15-20 percent of Hungarians practise their faith actively, half of all Hungarian schoolchildren attend Bible study, he added. Balog said this and the increased interest in church-run schools indicated that there had been a real need for the measures the government has introduced in the interest of supporting Christian culture.

The declaration of Good Friday as a work holiday also served the purpose of strengthening national unity in Christianity, the commissioner added.

Balog’s lecture was part of a series of events organised by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation focusing on the role of Christian values in a secular society.

Source and photo: MTI

Hungary Journal

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