Fidesz accuses Verhofstadt of vicious attack

Fidesz has accused Guy Verhofstadt, the group leader of the Liberals in the European Parliament, of mounting “a vicious attack on Hungary due to its refusal to turn the country into a land of immigration”.

In a Thursday interview to Hungarian weekly 168 Ora, Verhofstadt called on the European People’s Party, to which Fidesz belongs, to distance itself from Viktor Orban “and send him where he belongs, the dung heap of history, along with his new populist friends.” He added that the Hungarian prime minister was “no longer a Christian nor a democratic leader”.

Balazs Hidveghi, the ruling Fidesz party’s communications chief, told public media on Thursday that Verhofstadt “preaches Christianity and democracy while presenting one of the biggest dangers to those values”.

He accused Verhofstadt of being a “maniacally pro-migration politician who represents the interests of [American financier] George Soros and migration to the point of obsession.” He also promotes the idea of a United States of Europe, he said, adding that both endangered a strong European Union.

The May EP election will provide a chance “to stop Guy Verhofstadt and his mates” from clinching the leadership and turning Europe into “a continent of migrants”, he said.

Source: MTI
Photo: European Parliament

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