Szijjarto rejects the UN Migration compact

“There are no human rights linked to the illegal crossing of borders or the arbitrary choosing of target countries, and accordingly whenever the European Union takes action with relation to migration, it must always set out from the foundations of international law, which makes it clear that migration is not a human right”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto declared at his press conference in Luxembourg.

“Hungary has made it clear that it will not be participating in the adoption process of the UN Global Compact for Migration, and several other countries are also expected to join this position before the end of the year”,

he stated. “The Migration Compact must not be adopted, because it represents a danger to the world and is at odds with Europe’s interests”, Szijjarto underlined. “It is shameful, and accordingly we are disappointed in this regard, the way the European Union has represented, or more precisely has not represented Europe’s interests during the negotiations on the UN Global Compact for migration”, Szijjarto declared.

He said the statement by EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini, according to which migration is the right solution for the EU for economic reasons and with respect to handling the demographic situation, was unfounded. “Hungary does not agree. Neither demographic problems not job market challenges can be solved through migration. And this is something everyone must respect, because these issues fall exclusively within a national sphere of competence”, he said. “Hungary can provide successful responses via education and family policy, and maintains the right to make such decisions itself”, the minister underlined.

“Hungary has an interest in maintaining good neighbourly relations with Ukraine, and its wish is that its eastern neighbour be a democratic country that respects its international commitments, and which regards the national minorities living within its borders, including the Hungarian community, as a resource”, Szijjarto said after meeting his Ukrainian counterpart Pavlo Klimkin. “Ukraine has no basis for not regarding its minorities are resources, or thinking the opposite,” he stressed. “Hungary expects Ukraine to show, not only in words, but also in deeds, that it does not want to exacerbate the situation that has developed, but wants instead to find a solution to it”, the minister highlighted.

As he explained, certain factors give cause for concern, however, since Ukraine has not kept any of the promises it made with relation to the amendment of the Ukrainian Education Act. “Hungary cannot interpret the immediate adoption of the Language Act by the Ukrainian Parliament as a step towards a solution. If the Language Act is adopted in its current form, it will make the use of the Hungarian language in the media and culture impossible”, he said.

The minister said it was also worrying that the Mirotrovec website has made the personal data of hundreds of Hungarian private individuals publicly available to everyone. He has asked the Ukrainian minister to take action with regard to the issue, he told the press. Szijjarto said the petition published on the website of Ukraine’s Parliament, which is calling for the deportation of Transcarpathian Hungarians, is also cause for concern. “It is unacceptable, impermissible and abhorrent that signatures can be collected for such a proposal in Europe today”, he underlined.

“Hungary will not vote through any sanctions against Poland and can count on Poland’s support throughout the Article 7 proceedings,” Szijjarto said after meeting Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz. “The parties agreed that the proceedings launched against their countries are purely politically based, and both the Hungarian and Polish measures are fully in harmony with European Union law. The reason for the politically-based attacks is clearly the migration policies of the two countries, with relation to which we underlined that neither Hungary nor Poland will be admitting illegal immigrants and both countries reject any kind of resettlement programme,” he told the press.

Photo: MTI


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