Erdogan visits Budapest

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will arrive in Hungary for a two-day visit on Monday at the invitation of his Hungarian counterpart Janos Ader.

Ader and Erdogan are to meet at 1pm on Monday, the office said. Erdogan is scheduled to meet Prime Minister Viktor Orban later on Monday, to be followed by a press conference at 4.30pm. On Monday, Erdogan will attend the inauguration of the renovated Tomb of Gül Baba, the 16th century Ottoman Bektashi dervish poet and companion of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent who took part in a number of Ottoman invasions of Europe from the reign of Mehmed II onwards.

On Tuesday morning, Erdogan will open the Hungarian-Turkish Business Forum, organised by the Hungarian National Trading House.

The Hungarian organisation of Generation Identity holds a protest against Erdogan’s visit and the islamisation of Europe on Monday evening. Left-liberal opposition party Democratic Coalition wanted to protest in front of the Hungarian Academy of Science (MTA), but according to their statement, the police didn’t authorise the event.

Source: MTI, Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI



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