Szijjarto: We are an anti-migration government

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto talked about the Sargentini-report, the Article 7 procedure against Hungary, migration, Russia and the V4 cooperation too in an interview for RT.

Szijjarto called the report “a political decision that was made by cheating as the votes for abstention were not counted,” adding that “there’s a clash between the pro-migration majority of the European Parliament and the Hungarian government”.

He stressed that Hungary doesn’t want to leave the EU, but has a different idea about how to make it stronger:

“Hungary can be strong in a strong European Union. This is the focal point of the debate – how to make the European Union strong again. And there’s a big clash between some Western European entities, let’s put it this way, which are pushing the European Union which should be stepping into the dimension of post-Christianity and post-nations, and our goal is totally different. We want a strong European Union based on strong member-states, and we want Europe that sticks to its Christian heritage”.

About Italy’s minister of interior, Matteo Salvini he said:

“Number one issue says that no illegal migrants should be allowed to come to Europe. This is the major issue on which we agree and where we are allies”.

He also stressed the importance of the Visegrad Group:

“The Visegrad co-operation is the tightest and the most effective alliance within the European Union. Look, four governments belonging to four totally different families, and regardless of this fact we are the strongest allies of each other. And we know we can show back to back because we’re in solidarity to each other, we protect each other, and the voice of the four us if said unanimously is much louder compared to four separate voices”.

Source: RT/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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