Sargentini: I want to protect the rights of Hungarians

In an interview with Hungarian news site HVG, Dutch green MEP, resposible for the report about Hungary, said that she presented her report deliberately after the Hungarian general elections in April, in order to avoid influencing the voters.

She stressed that the report is aimed at protecting the rights of Hungarian citizens, their democracy, rule of law and freedom of information. Sargentini stressed that the principle of “the winner takes it all” has no place in a European democracy. She said she was shocked to learn how many international organisations voiced their concers since 2010. Sargentini stressed that it’s time for the EU to act.

Hungarian state secretary Balazs Orban told daily Magyar Idok that the Hungarian voters have given the legitimacy to the government to protect the borders and prevent Hungary from becoming an immigrant country, but the NGO network and the EP’s majority don’t want that. He said that European voters had enough of the “totalitarian” policies of the EU elites.

Hungary Journal
Photo: EP

One thought on “Sargentini: I want to protect the rights of Hungarians

  1. First of all, if she claims to protect anyone’s rights, then has to proof that.
    The ruling elite in EU has a politics of calculated risk. They are building their new empire, where their ruling is more comfortable. They know that many of people will die, actually we are over a few hundred victims. But that is part of a calculated risk. They knew very well that in the new world, they will have the right defence, not as those who died and will die. They are ruling elite and always will have security guard around them. If Sargentini defends any right of anyone other then herself’s right, then she would have to rethink what she supports.

    For the rest of us, we have to differentiate the mask of sanity from the reality. We have to understand the true intentions of those who thinks that they are the elite of EU. I advice to anyone to study or review the features expressed and don’t get deceived by just the text they want you to hear.


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