Bringing help where it’s needed

Instead of encouraging refugees to come to Europe, the activists at German NGO AHA (Alternative Help Association) Europe focus on preventing migration and bringing help to the homelands of refugees. The organisation’s press chief, Nils Altmieks stressed to Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap that “mass migration can never solve problems, but only creates new ones”.

“If you really want to help people stay in their home countries, the provided help can only be assistance to improve their situation on their own,”

Altmieks said, explaining AHA’s main principle. He pointed out that currently it is impossible to assist a process of reconstruction and stability without the Syrian government.

Regarding the effects of migration, he mentioned two reasons why help should be brought where it’s needed. “It is irresponsible to let millions of people into your country without any serious proof of identity, as terrorists will inevitably misuse this situation,” Altmieks said, adding that mass immigration leads to frustration, as many migrants come to Europe with irrealistic expectations. The situation leads to an increase in crime, “consequently increasing resentment and real racism”.

The other reason is “the terrible impact this has on countries of origin”. “The well-educated by regional standards, who often have moderate political and religious views, are leaving the countries at disproportionate rates,” he stressed, adding that these are the people who could rebuild their countries.

Hungary Journal
Photo: AHA Europe

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