Orban: Salvini is my hero

The Italian interior minister is “the first Mediterranean politician that seeks to stop migrants”, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the press in Milan on Tuesday, adding that his government was supporting those endavours.

Orban called Matteo Salvini his “hero” and said he had “some experience to share with him”. Concerning bilateral ties, Orban said that cooperation had been “very bad” with Italy’s previous governments because those cabinets “had constantly been offending the Hungarians”. Orban insisted that “Hungary is being attacked because it has proven that borders can be protected, while Brussels said that migrants cannot be stopped and must be allowed to enter”. He said it was Salvini’s mission to prove that illegal migrants can be stopped not only on land but also at sea.

The prime minister said that the policies of the EU, especially those of Germany, France, and Spain, are aimed at “better management of migration”, while the Visegrad countries want to stop illegal migration altogether.

Illegal migrants already in Europe should not be distributed among member states but turned back to their homelands, or else “the human smugglers have won” and “immigrants would keep coming in further waves,” Orban said.

After his talks with Salvini, Orban said that Europe’s security is dependent on the Italian minister’s success and insisted that Salvini “must not retreat”. Hungary will provide Italy with all assistance to protect its borders, he added. He praised Salvini for supporting Hungary when the government faced many attacks in the European Parliament. Orban stressed that Salvini is a very respected politican in Hungary.

Salvini called Orban his friend and stressed that Hungary is an example for Italy also because of its economic policies.

Answering to a question, Orban said Hungary will help Italy to deport migrants back to Africa.” We should take them back instead of relocating them,” he stressed.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: Facebook/OrbanViktor

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