Muslims see Europe as prey – expert

No-go zones are already covering whole parts of Western European cities, security policy expert Jozsef Horvath told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap.

According to Horvath,

“the main question today for European people is what kind of world we want to live in, to we want to give up our countries, cities, appartments inherited from our parents and grandparents, or do we want to protect them”.

Regarding the upcoming Swedish elections he said that if there’s no shift in Western European migration policies, in a few years Sweden can become the first European country with a Muslim majority. He said that the Swedish and the Bavarian elections will be crucial for the future of our children.

Horvath stressed that the Arab Spring marked the beginning of a new era, but the West failed to react and get out of the mud of political correctness. He warned that after 70 years of peace in Europe, the moral has changed and according to statistics, only 15 % of men would spring to arms to protect their country. According to Horvath, the attacks against women are ways of demoralisation and Western Europe hasn’t been able to properly react to this danger.

He said that Western European societies are giving up their culture and space to people who see Europe as a prey.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Magyar Hirlap

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