Ader: Hungary must stick to ‘St Stephen’s Western culture’

Hungary must insist on “the Western culture King Saint Stephen tied our future to”, President Janos Ader said in his address marking Hungary’s August 20 national holiday on Monday.

Speaking at the oath taking ceremony of young military officers, Ader quoted author Sandor Marai and said that “Hungary could only survive in a new Europe with quality in the focus; we are not in a position to be mediocre”.

Addressing the young officers, Ader said that “St. Stephen gave us a Hungarian heart and European conscience” and added that the 11th century king had been “aware that peace is conditional on preserving Western civilisation”.

Hungary has been strong and could “withstand the storms of history” while other, greater nations have disappeared, Ader said. Saint Stephen was confident that history could be shaped, and he “collected friends and strived for peace while other rulers gathered enemies”, the president added.

St. Stephen’s legacy has helped build an “independent, free and European country, which many have attempted to capture but it has been saved through the faith, work and insistence of those that did not bend in the storm of times,” Ader said.

“This land has been ours for a thousand years and will stay our shared homeland as long as there are people in the heart of Europe that feel and understand the slogan: Homeland before all else,”

the president concluded his speech.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed his greetings to the Hungarian people on the occasion of Hungary’s August 20 national holiday, in a statement posted on the US embassy’s Facebook page on Monday.  Speaking on behalf of the US government, Pompeo called Hungary “a close friend and ally of the United States”. 

Pompeo said the US valued its cooperation with Hungary on a variety of important issues such as defence, regional European security and energy diversification.

“We deeply respect Hungary’s rich history, culture, and traditions, and we are grateful for the many contributions that Hungarian immigrants have made to American society in an array of fields, from the arts to business to technology,”

the secretary said.

Pompeo added that bilateral exchanges and a growing trade relationship between the US and Hungary “help strengthen the robust people-to-people ties that bind our two countries together today”. “We look forward to continued partnership with Hungary to advance our shared interests and commitment to freedom and prosperity in Europe,” the statement concluded.

Source and photo: MTI

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