Migration Aid to found a party

Hungarian NGO Migration Aid announced on its Facebook page that they are going to found a party on April 20.

According to Migration Aid, this way they want to avoid the government’s 25% immigration tax. The surtax will primarily be payable by organisations that assist immigration, only becoming liable to pay the tax if the providers of funding fail to fulfil their obligations, according to About Hungary.

The new party’s name will be Éjjeli Őrség (Night’s Watch). The NGO called it astonishing that they must form a party to continue helping refugees, and vowed to fight against the “darkness spread by the government”.

“George Soros and his network still don’t care about the will of the Hungarian people, they still want to bring in the migrants,”

the ruling Fidesz-KDNP alliance reacted in a statement.

Hungary Journal

Photo: MTI

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