Eastern Ukraine children on holiday in Hungary

A group of children affected by the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine were greeted at the border town of (Chop) Csap before travelling to Hungary for a summer vacation sponsored by the Hungarian foreign ministry on Sunday.

The 35 children will spend a week at Lake Velence in central Hungary, Laszlo Kuti, the consul-general at Hungary’s consular mission in Uzhhorod (Ungvar), told reporters prior to the event.

This summer altogether 170 children coming from families affected by the armed conflict or involved in the “anti-terror operations” in eastern Ukraine can spend a week at the popular holiday resort in five groups, Kuti said.

At Chop another group of 85 Ukrainian children were greeted who will travel to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis in framework of an international diplomatic project which has been co-sponsored by the Hungarian human resources ministry, the Hungarian embassy in Kiev and the consulate-general in Uzhhorod. The children will meet the Pontiff in the company of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

Source: MTI
Photo: facebook.com/ukrajinci.hu

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