Fidesz: Another ‘Soros org’ tries to interfere in Hungarian media

Another “Soros organisation” has attempted to interfere in Hungary’s media affairs, the parliamentary group of ruling Fidesz said on Saturday, in reaction to a recent statement by Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

Under the statement posted on its website on Friday, RSF condemned Hungarian news channel Hir TV’s acquisition by “a friend of Prime Minister Viktor Orban”. The organisation qualified the move as the “latest step in a takeover of the country’s media by Orban and his ruling national-conservative Fidesz party”.

“The authorities are increasingly curbing the independence of the press and its ability to fulfil its role as democracy’s watchdog,”

RSF said.

In response, Fidesz said that RSF had made no secret of being financed by US billionaire George Soros and acting as part of the “pro-migration Soros network”.

“It shows that yet another pro-migration Soros organisation tries to interfere in Hungary’s media affairs and domestic politics,”

Fidesz said.

Source: MTI
Photo: Nepszava

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