Swedish EPP member slams Orban

The prime minister’s press chief on Friday reacted to an article by Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, an MEP who is a member of the European People’s Party, that was critical of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Bertalan Havasi said her charges against the Hungarian leader lacked credibility.

Havasi insisted that her “accusations” were based on a sentence Orban did not say.
In an opinion piece published by Politico today, the Swedish EPP member said that Orban had “crossed a line” in a speech on June 16 by saying “that Hungary’s ‘illiberal’ model of democracy would be a driving force that revitalizes Europe and the EPP”. According to Corazza Bildt, “that prospect is deeply disturbing. Where Kohl united Europe by bringing East and West back together, Orban is polarizing the Continent by attempting to wrench them apart”.

Speaking at a conference commemorating the legacy of German Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Orban said that building a strong Europe required strong nation states. Orban said that Hungary could help common European policies in several areas such as “offering a good example in economic reforms or assistance in returning migrants back home”.

Orban also said that although EPP leaders had “made mistakes to our detriment”, Hungary’s ruling Fidesz would “stick to the EPP and Helmut Kohl’s ideals: rather than deserting we will undertake the more difficult task of renewing the EPP and help it find its way back to its Christian Democratic roots”.

Source: MTI, Politico
Photo: European Parliament

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