“The mistakes of the Western liberal intellectuals should be battled by the real Europe, not by Eastern despotism”

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been introducing the main goals of his policy at the Balvanyos Summer Open University and Student Camp (Tusvanyos) for years. Marton Gyongyosi, deputy chairman and group leader of Jobbik reacted to this on his Facebook page. According to him, the Hungarian prime minister’s “cultural fight is not European and not Hungarian”, and instead of his system that constantly creates conflicts, Hungary and Europe needs “predictable daily life and plannable future”.

Marton Gyongyosi voiced his criticism in connection with Orban’s remarks in his Tusvanyos speech that he wants to fight on the European level not only in the political, but in the cultural sphere as well.

Jobbik’s deputy chairman agreed with the prime minister that “the big question of the next years if whether Europe can find its own identity and what connects us”. He added that “without this our culture is sentenced to death”.

Marton Gyongyosi wrote that in the last 60 years the European elite has failed to formulate these ideas and only repeated slogans such as diversity. He also said it has happened before that Europeans were unified by big, common enemies such as Islam or Communism for a short period, but it was never the essence of Western culture.

“Europe is rather the common moral and religios fundaments, or the big compromises that brought peace to our continent for longer periods,”

Marton Gyongyosi stated.

According to the strongest opposition party’s politician:

“Europe’s successful periods were not the times of conflict, but the times of peace, predictability and development.” But Orban’s system “is not peace, but constant conflict,” “instead of showing solidarity it’s oppressive”, “not social, but the political and financial rule of a narrow elite,” “not predictable, but constantly changing based on current power interests”.

According to Marton Gyongyosi, Hungary “is not a peaceful, prosperous and calm country, but a country full of conflicts and arguments, where laws are changing every week”. According to the Jobbik politician Orban’s offer is not a Christian and national Europe, but a warring system, that gets lost in its own mistakes, denies human values and freedom and eventually eats itself.

“Of course we have seen this before in the 20th century but the question is whether we need it again? I think we don’t,” he added.

The Jobbik politician highlighted: Hungary needs predictable daily life, plannable future, real freedom of speech, solidarity from Europe and real social sensitivity from the government. Politicians who really live by the Christian principles, instead of empty slogans about Christianity, real autonomy instead of empty words about freedom.

“The mistakes of the Western liberal intellectuals should be battled by the real Europe, not by Eastern despotism,”

Jobbik’s deputy chairman and group leader summarised.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Facebook/Gyongyosi Marton

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